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Gloria's Glorious Garden – Late Summer

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Gloria's Glorious Garden – Late Summer

Alison Owens


Here are Gloria's top tips for a late Summer gardening and the pictures are taken in Monet's Garden when I was lucky enough to be there Late Summer 2018.

The Veg Patch

  • Start sewing for next spring including cabbages, beetroot and onions, but make sure it’s in a cool place below 60° especially if you are sewing more lettuce. 
  • Unless you want flowers from your herbs for salad pinch out to get more leaves. But don’t forget to use edible flowers in your salads and ice cubes, especially lavender and calendula.
  • Harvest, garlic, onions, shallots and keep picking those beans, chard leaves and courgettes.
  • Check your tomato plants  and give them an extra feed as the may be exhausted. Pinch out and tie in to support your cucumber, they may also be exhausted, so feed. 
  • Yes you pests, Caterpillars. Remove to somewhere else if you so desire but take off your precious plants. I removed 12 yesterday 6 today and will check again tomorrow.  All on one large plant ! 

Download Gloria's Veg Tips Here

The Flower Bed

  • Pinch out flowers from cosmos etc this will improve the quantity and quality of your plants
  • Take cuttings of tender perennials, pelargonium , penstemons and geraniums.  
  • Start sowing hardy annuals but be mindful of our extreme weather conditions.
  • Water wisely, full watering cans to the roots of plants are more beneficial than a sprinkle from the hose. 
  • Keep recycling household waste water and mulch, once watered with grass cuttings . This holds in all the water.

Download Gloria's Flower Tips Here