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Gloria's Glorious Garden – March

Secret Society Blog

Gloria's Glorious Garden – March

Alison Owens

Below you will find Gloria’s Tips for Spring but first we wanted to show you this amazing picture of Gloria’s Glorious Garden. See, we told you it was glorious didn’t we!


Sowing Tips

  • A very exciting time of the year when we can start sowing seeds inside and outside. If your soil is friable and not waterlogged you can direct sow. I am very cautious as i

  • am on heavy clay so i sow everything in trays and hope to dodge the mice!

  • Beetroot, spinach, cabbage, kale, spring onions, radishes, broad beans, and flowers. All the seed packets give very good information so get started.

  • All my seed trays and pots are covered with glass panes and sometimes newspaper if the seeds need dark to germinate

Spring Tips

  • Cut pack perennials starting with honeysuckle and climbers, this will give a beautiful balance, not too top heavy.

  • Check all your pots that they are not too waterlogged, weed if necessary and replace a couple of inches of soil at the top with fresh compost.

  • Pot up Dahlias and keep inside.

  • Keep an eye on your conservatory plants. As the sun builds up heat your plants may need watering more frequently.

  • Cut back pot geraniums, using the cuttings to make more plants, start watering and feeding.

  • Oh the pests! Mice, slugs, snails, and flies, be prepared.

  • If the weather changes and you feel the need to cover up a little more, so will your plants. Too much rain is also detrimental so give protection as you need yourself.


  • Hopefully your fruit trees have been pruned, you can still squeeze in an apple prune but not much more.

  • Fruit bushes …dive in. Rule of thumb, one third out from the bottom and one third down form the top. Good luck

Download Gloria’s March Tips here

Download Gloria’s Spring Tips here