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Mandy's Handy Hand Tips!

Secret Society Blog

Mandy's Handy Hand Tips!

Alison Owens

As you might have guessed by now I am passionate about making things out of fabric and, whilst it’s summer, gardening too. However, these two activates do not go hand in hand for my hands, especially when I have to “perform’ on Sew Quarter! A friend once gave me this top tip and I use this to I give my hands a makeover before going on TV or just before I start sewing to keep my precious project clean!

1. Cut a lemon in half and give your hands, especially the nails a good scrub with it. The acidity of the lemon cleans grained in dirt from the garden and brightens your nails.
2. Next, grab a handful of sea salt and add a splash of olive oil and once again give your hands a very good scrub with this mixture. This exfoliates and moisturises and is something the romans used to do in their Roman baths.
3. Rinse and admire, all should be transformed!


If this sounds like too much trouble you can try our amazing lavender, rose geranium and calendula hand cream that smells divine and is hand made specially for us in Cornwall. It’s perfect for quilters as it doesn’t leave your hands greasy.

Download Mandy's Handy Hand Tip Here