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Gloria's Glorious Garden – Strawberries

Secret Society Blog 19-20

Gloria's Glorious Garden – Strawberries

Alison Owens


• Keeping Strawberries in pots is a great way to grow them - just plant, water, feed and pick!

• Grow in a nice sunny spot or ideally bring the pots into your greenhouse or on a sunny window sill so you get early strawberries

• Keep the pots moist but do not overwater as may lead to the fruit rotting.

• Regular feeding will prolong the fruiting period.

• Remove any runners as they appear as these suck energy out of the plant meaning less or smaller fruits will be formed.

• Pop the tiny strawberries into ice cube trays, top up with water and serve in elderflower cordial or a cold glass of something fizzy!

Download Gloria’s Strawberry Tips here