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Bee Friendly

Bee Friendly Block of the Month


Sorry, Bee Friendly Block of the Month is Sold Out

As many of you will know I love my garden and can find myself in awe at any time of year at the beauty of flora and fauna. This quilt is a real celebration of an array of wonderful flowers – some that grow in the garden, others you admire in the woods, some that enjoy the heights of summer and others that give us hope that spring is on the way.

And all these wonderful blooms are enjoyed by the bees – buzzing, fussing and collecting pollen and giving life to new flowers that will bring joy to our lives and a smile in our hearts.

Inspired by the poem by Issac Watts my new Bee Friendly quilt is a homage to the wonderful work bees do and a celebration of the beautiful blooms that Great Britain has to offer.

Each created in beautiful appliqué each block can be sewn by hand or machine using embroidery or machine threads – the choice will be yours. I do not use needle turned appliqué, too time consuming for me, but if this is your love just add a seam allowance onto the pattern pieces and turn under as you sew.

The background fabric is a 50/50 cotton linen which is quite firm. The flowers are made from Peppered cottons, and the borders are all Liberty fabrics , a lovely mix chosen by me. The quilt comes to life at the very end when we add the final touches of embroidery. A treasured heirloom in the making.


“How doth the busy bee
Improve each shining hour
And gather all the day
From every opening flower”